Off we go…

Sailing, Sailing, Sailing thats what its all about… In my life at the moment anyway! Thinking a lot back and forth this summer about how to get this started I received a lot inputs from all sides. Finally I will try to take care of all of them but stay true to myself, and do […]


When I am talking with friends and family about the idea of taking part in this race the question “why do you want to compete in the Golden Globe Race?” is always coming up. And actually this is not easy to answer or lets say there are more then one answers to it.

The Golden Globe Race 2018

    The Golden Globe Race is a “singlehanded non stop circumnavigation retro race”! Start on the 16th June 2018 from Falmouth, circumnavigate the world via the great capes and return to Falmouth as quick as possible.