Whats up?!

It probably seems like there is not so much going on, on my side. But I tell you what, there is a huge amount of things going on these days.

Beside doing a major renovation on our house. I found my boat. So for the last few weeks I was in a process of price discussions for a beautiful boat. While that I set my mind to buy a ship. It was a big dream for years to own a boat but now as it gets reality it is frightening and exiting .
On the side I have been setting contract details for the boat! Developed a plan how the buying process is going to work out and making dates.
Also planning the house renovation, organising it and finally keeping it running…
And the ten little Questions combined with the sailing instructor training i am doing is toping everything up!

So I am exhausted but very happy! The prospect of getting the long planed and needed work on the house done plus owning and sailing our own boat soon, is brightening up!

Belliure Endurance 35, Golden Globe Race 2018, Michael Guggenberger, http://captaingugg.com, http://goldengloberace.com/,

On March 9th we went to Holland to inspect the vessel together with a surveyor and everything is as it is expected.
I have been there in mid. January and had a neat look at it. And it just feels right. It is beautifully well kept and the broker, as well as the owners, give me a positive feeling. It is a Belliure Endurance 35. It is cutter rigged which is kind of special for the Endurance. There are 150 or 160 Ships build of this type by Belliure and only 5 of them as a Sloop/Cutter. The price is right.

And most importantly everything which has been changed or refitted is made in a really great way. Sometimes you open up hatches in a boats just to find a really nasty cable clutter.

IMG_1237 Kopie

Not on this one. Everything is in perfect order… All things are mounted in a way that with pretty much one look you know what you have in front of you and it is easy to find out where this one cable you need to find is located…

Just great. Its got a new Vetus-Diesel-Engine build in. And lots of other cool gadgets. The surveyor proofed that Hull and the Deck is bone dry and in very good shape… The owner removed the original teak decks closed all the holes made by the screws and glued a Marine-Deck-2000 on it. It is Kork and has the benefit that it doesn’t need to be screwed on the deck… So this is very nice and has a isolating effect.

This week I am on my last week of training within my sailing-instructor education around the Isle of Wight. Sailing with the tide is also a new experience for me and I enjoy it a lot.
With this education I met a bunch of really cool guys. Talking about sailing, waves and weather is nice and we made a up a strong band between us.
That is one of the greater things for on sailing: Meeting all these cool people just due to the one connection, SAILING!

So a very new part of my life has just begun… Lets see what I can get out of it…..


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