Splice a soft shakle!

In times when there is no boat available, I try to learn things, which I can use on the boat later. On our last vacation in India i brought myself a Splicing Book and a few meters of different lines and learned how to splice.

I have tried different things on different lines and found it a fun thing to do. With taking the different types of lines apart and wove it back some how, I learned a lot about the subject. Really interesting.

eye splice

I made my self a pair of lines with a eye-splice and a build in soft shakle. And I bring them on charter cruises to install as preventer lines. Going either side of the boat from the cockpit all the way forward to a block on the bow and back to the boom.

build in soft shakle


So all in all splicing is a nice thing to know and do! And splices are not only looking good they weaken the breaking strength of a line much less then any knot.
Last summer season, once every week on a charter boat I offered a short´ish soft-shakle workshop to the crew.
One of the ladies said:” Splicing isn’t any harder than knitting.
Everyone who wanted was invited to make a own soft shakle and take it home.
Most of the people joined in and made a nice peace of equipment or for some of them it was a souvenir connected to good memories.


In November I have been on a training within my sailing instructor education. In this week I did that little workshop again. And the Trainer, a salty dog not often seen, was positively surprised about meeting somebody who learns the “not so important things” just for the fun of it. He spread the word and a few weeks ago I got asked if I want to do this workshop on the Austrian boat show, Boot 2016, on the booth of the “Yacht Club Austria”

Michael Guggenberger shows how to make a soft shakle

Of course I want. So the next days I will be on the Boot 2016 and show people how to splice! If you want to join me but cant make it to the buzzing town Tulln on the following weekend, watch the video below.

Have fun!

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