Ten little questions with Gustavo Pacheco

What I realised in London is that all those competitors are normal and very nice people. Yes they all have great visions and a desire to do something cool.
But they all just cook with water and they are all very friendly, clever and positive thinking!

I don’t know whom I had expected to meet there but it was a big pleasure to talk to them and see who they are!

I had the idea to introduce some of them to you. So I started to record a little interview-series with everybody of the fleet who wanted to join in…
I met and hopefully meet them on Skype to ask everybody the same 10 little questions.
This was even more fun then meeting in London because there was no pressure as we all where sitting at home enjoying our normal surroundings.


I want to kick this of with Gustavo Pacheco from Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil who could not make it to London. A really nice guy with a good attitude!

Enjoy this and stay tuned to see Interviews with other Entrants…

Have fun!

Questions or Suggestions, send me an Email or use the comment-section below and lets talk…

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