When I am talking with friends and family about the idea of taking part in this race the question “why do you want to compete in the Golden Globe Race?” is always coming up.
And actually this is not easy to answer or lets say there are more then one answers to it.


The first answer is; I am an adventurous person always seeking for something new and exiting. The sailing inspired me from the first contact on. And from the first moment I read about this unique journey a magic magnetism is pulling me towards it.

The Golden Globe Race represents the one proof of great seaman-ship.
Seaman-ship defines itself for me with the following words: knowledge, experience, endurance, willingness to learn, honesty, being reflected, being aware…

One motivation for me is that i will have to work hard to get all those skills into the right standards to be able to succeed in the Golden Globe Race. And it has always been a good feeling to accomplish different tasks. Well, after this unique journey its going to be a flood of good feelings for me.

The last years I was working hard to climb up the career-ladder, doing pretty exiting and exhausting projects. And the Question came into my mind again and again if that is all to gain. Is it really worth it to work until nerves are collapsing just for the next shiny car…
Well this new shiny car isn’t making me happy for very long. And in general it is not the money or the shiny car which makes me happy. It is a lot more the personal attitude, combined with positive experiences, which lets me smile.

And Robin Knox Johnston said just the right words:

“ why not doing it?”….

“ why dream of it and never do it?”

As i worked hard i am happy to be financially in a position that allows me to dream this dream at least for a certain time…


And this new Goal of mine is in very far distance at the moment. But I will try to move around mountains to get there.

One of my favourite quotes is:
“If you always only do what you already know, then you always only know what you are already doing”.

So I am ready to step into a new part of my life and work towards this unique experience!






Thanks to Dirk Hendler for doing this with me! Check out the website of Dirks business, he is doing a fantastic work!
Questions or suggestions? Fell free to use the comend-section or send me an email.



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