Off we go…

Sailing, Sailing, Sailing thats what its all about…


In my life at the moment anyway!

Thinking a lot back and forth this summer about how to get this started I received a lot inputs from all sides. Finally I will try to take care of all of them but stay true to myself, and do what I was actually already thinking about for quite some time now.

Commend how I see things. 🙂 And let you take part while I do this!

Setting up my website, and preparing for the first Golden Globe Race Press-conference in London was actually very good, to sort things out and get them rolling. I feel well prepared for the event tomorow and nervousness turns into excitement!

And now I am happy to present you my new website!

So check it out! Something to laugh for the beginning, The Making of, of my Hello Golden Globe Clip!

On that day I made up a list with the different things I learned with the according date. Then we tried it and never got under 40-50 sec.. Then we took things off that list to get down to 30 sec. as required by The Golden Globe Race Team. Well and then offcourse I always mixed up numbers which where NOT on the list anymore… 🙂

Please enjoy and stay tuned for more interesting, exciting, and fun stuff to come…
It will be all about sailing, that’s for sure…


If you have questions or suggestions then please email me or use the comment section below and lets talk about it!



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