Somehow there was always one door opening up, I went through and closed it behind me…

BlueSea Kopie

In my life so far I have always done something with my hands. My working life began with an apprenticeship for carpentry. I learned in a future-oriented company with one of the newest CAD controlled production lines. But if there was time or in trade-school we learned to use hand tools. I didn’t understand at first why we had to learn to use hand tools in a workshop in which power tools were everywhere. Today I am proud to have those skills, which give me a greater understanding of materials, tools and of how things work. When I started to learn something new in the last years it was clear to me that one has to start on a low level to get up on top.

After my trade test I went traveling. The most important things in those days were that the country had to be cheap, far away, with a hot climate and somehow new and exciting. I went to Thailand and had a nice time hanging out with other travelers, seeing new things, reading a lot of books, and learning English by speaking a funny Thai-Style English. 15 words of English could make a Thai a wealthy businessman and made me have good conversations and learn English by speaking it.


Travels Kopie


Then the government of Austria called me for civil service. I served for 12 months for an emergency medical service. First driving people from hospital to hospital and later driving an ambulance-car. I thought helping people and working with them was good work but I realized quickly that sitting in a car driving around and talking with my colleagues about fast cars and beautiful woman isn’t the right thing for me. Then I started to make quick money on building sites with bricklaying as an incentive operator. In between I organised several bigger and smaller building sites. This paid for my travels and for life at home.

During my next travels I learned traditional Thai massage and during my next stay at home I studied traditional Swedish-massage and foot-reflexology. And then I worked as a masseur for a while.

And as listening to music was one of my favorite hobbies I started Dj´íng. With this new hobby I went to a lot of clubs in Vienna to listen to my “colleagues”. There I met the boss of one of these clubs. He was about to install a masseur for his staff (bartenders, security, Dj´s and musicians) so I started to work for him. This guy had a very big restaurant that was closed down in the mountains of Styria/Austria and he asked me if I would organize the renovation of this old house to open it up again later. Of course I took the chance again and did this project.


Woodwork Kopie


While I was up there for something like a year I met Marlies, my loved partner. She was about to open up the restaurant as I was about to finish everything up and prepare for leaving. This was in 2001. We fell in love and both of us decided to leave this guy and his restaurant for different reasons. Then we decided to renovate the 100 year old house of my family which we own now and moved in there. So for the next few years I worked as a construction manager for different companies during the day and in the afternoon-evenings I was working on our own house.

And because the music was so important to me some friends of mine and I organised a music festival each summer. We prepared a stage on an empty farm with all amplifiers, wiring, lights…


Gastrocollage Kopie


We also set up a studio to record. Then we invited musicians to come and jam on this stage for 3 weeks, sort out some hook lines and make up a jam session-concert. After 3 weeks we made up a big party with this jam session, some other live gigs and some Dj´s over one Weekend. In the first years we had probably 25 guests. Then more and more and more visitors came. In the last three years we had a few hundred guest camping in the surrounding woods and enjoying the music.

This was the time when I became qualified in gastronomy to get everything legal. We never earned money but we also didn’t lose any and we and many others had a great time.

And then the construction management bored me so I became self employed with a “rolling kitchen” and traveled around Austria and Czeck Republic as a catering-service providing breakfast at bigger music festivals. At that time my dreams about passage-sailing began. I almost went crazy about sailing!

My partner Marlies and I always try to travel for several weeks to a few months every year so we have seen some different countries and cultures over the years. The last time I came back from Nepal I had contracted Typhoid. I had to go to hospital two times for several weeks and after that it took me a few months to get my strength back.

With missing one whole season with my catering business, I lost many contacts but at the same time I got the opportunity to start to work in Austria’s movie scene. Again I just took the chance and went into another profession. For the last five years I worked as a set & scenery construction worker and as head of department for set & scenery construction as well as assistant prop master. I have produced a lot of different and interesting things and met some very interesting and nice people in these last years.


Movies Kopie


Because I worked on time contracts for the last years I was able to invest a lot of time into my sailing dream. I earned some sailing licences, visited various types of sailing training and skippered some cruises with friends. This year I got out a lot with inexperienced crew, I have started learning to be a Skipper-trainer and saved myself a place in the fleet of the Golden Globe Race….. Live becomes super-exiting again.

Somehow there was always one door opening up, I went through and closed it behind me. Sometimes the search for that door was long drawn out and tiresome, sometimes quick, sometimes I didn’t find what I was looking for behind the next door but sometimes it was just great. Anyway I learned a lot and saw some beautiful things. And even if there were some uncertain hard times, meanwhile I can enjoy that back and forth of my life.

This door towards the Golden Globe Race 2018 is the next one I am entering.

So lets see what I find!




Born in Vienna/Austria on the 08.07.1977

Grown up and living in Mödling/Austria

1980-1983 Kindergarden, 1983-1987 Primary Shool, 1987-1991 Secondary Shool, 1992 Politechnikum,

1992-1995 Carpentry Apprenticeship, 1995 Trade-Test for Carpentry

1995 Fall- 1996 Spring Traveling in South-East-Asia (Thailand, Laos,)

1996-1997 Civilian-Service and later voluntarily as a Paramedic, educated Critical-Care Paramedic

1998-2000 Carpentry and bricklaying in summer and traveling in winter to South-East-Asia (Thailand,Cambodia,), trekking in the Himalayas (Nepal, India)

2000-2001 Education as a massage-therapist, foot-reflexology, traditional Thai-massage and working as a therapist

2001 Got together with my most important and loved Princess Marlies Theis

2001-2005 Working as a construction-supervisor in different companys

2001-2010 Next to the job organising Live-Music-Festivals and Dj´ing

2007 started own catering buisness/mobile kitchen

2009 First sailing on Lake Neusiedl/Austria and immediately got mad about it

In between travels to countrys like: Austria and it´s neigbour countries, Croatia, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, India, Nepal, Indonesia and more

2010 Traveled India and Nepal and imported typhoid, then a long stay in the hospital

2011-2015 Set and scenery construction, propmaster and other film departments, developed a big passion for offshore-sailing

2015 worked as a charter-skipper, started education as a Offshore-Skipper-Trainer.



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