Hello Golden Globe


In May, friends of mine and me where planning a two weeks charter cruise in the Croatian med. One week with lots of sailing in which we planned to do a trip round Palacruza, an island in the middle of the Adriatic sea. And the second week we enjoyed a week sailing with our three ladys.

A week before we left, on the 06th may this email came in!




Over the next few weeks we will be profiling potential Golden Globe Race entrants to the world media. We distribute to 2300 Boating outlets around the world with photos and video clips. The take up on the GGR story has been 300% stronger than normal sailing and boating news. The Golden Globe is already catching people’s imagination as everyone knows the original race in 1968 was the ancestor to all solo around the world races. WE have received coverage on virtually every important boating media outlet in the world. They want more.

We will also be establishing a video section on the GGR web site titled  “Hello Golden Globe”. Here visitors will be able to click on short upbeat video clips introducing the GGR entrants.

If you would like some international exposure now even before you have entered, you need to supply us with a short video clip to broadcast standard. Some of you may know how to do this..others not. It is very simple and does not need hugely expensive equipment, in fact more than likely you or one of your friends will already have the equipment. Ask them to help. As you move forward with your GGR campaign you will want to video your activities for many reason. Media is just one.

If you are ready to tell the world of your plans we want to hear from you. We can only use good clear HD video clips…from characters? J …for media distribution…here is an instruction list for those who have never done it before! And the standard we need for those that have.


1 The easiest camera to get broadcast quality results is a good quality Digital DSLR picture camera…that also shoot video…Like the Canon D70..then get a simple 50mm fixed lens…and a tripod. If you can get a good quality “shotgun microphone” even better, as audio is very important..

 2 Set the camera to video, FULL HD 1920 x 1080…. 16:9…..


All the best for now..


Don McIntyre

2018 GGR Founder.



Lucky me, Thomas and Matthias, the friends I planned to sail with where both working in Austrias Movie-business. And Matthias is a journalist/ editor/ camera-operator/ cutter all in one.

So of course I asked him if he can help me develop something and he agreed and brought his equipment with him.

While this first week we where setting up ideas of what to tell in 30 sec. And we had pretty much fun on turning things up and down, a lot of jokes and a lot of laughing!But than time came where we had to do it! And at this point I have to tell you that I haven’t been the person in the first row if one made a picture. I didn’t like to pose for pictures and I have never before spoken into a camera!

So this was all very new to me and I am very happy that we found this gorgeous spot and that the two guys working with me where very, very patient with me.
It took us many takes to get it right! With the lights going away there was pressure as well. And 30 sec. are not exactly a lot of time… But in the end we produced this! If you haven’t seen it enjoy!

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