The Golden Globe Race 2018




The Golden Globe Race is a “singlehanded non stop circumnavigation retro race”!
Start on the 16th June 2018 from Falmouth, circumnavigate the world via the great capes and return to Falmouth as quick as possible. One Person on each boat, in interaction with the great oceans, the waves, the wind, the time and their thoughts.



PICTURES OF YESTERYEAR - MANAGED BY PPL PHOTO AGENCY - COPYRIGHT RESERVED PHOTO CREDIT: Bill Rowntree/PPL TEL: +44 (0) 1243 555561 E-mail: Web: *** Circa 22nd April 1969: Robin Knox-Johnston waving aboard his 32ft yacht SUHAILI off Falmouth, England after becoming the first man to sail solo non-stop around the globe. Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the Sunday Times Golden Globe solo round the world race, having set out from Falmouth, England on 14th June 1968 aboard his tiny 32ft ketch Suhaili. It was a time when the Flat Earth Society was still in existence, and even seasoned yachtsman thought it to be an impossible feat. For everyone else it was; Robin was the sole finisher among 9 starters to complete this 30,000 mile supreme endurance race, organised by the Sunday Times newspaper.




Competitors are limited to the equipment the racers back in the days had at their disposal.
That means no modern satellite based equipment, no computers or other electronic navigation devices.
Sextant, cassette-tapes, communication via radio, books made of paper… 
Starters have to sail in production boats between 32-36ft designed before 1988 with a full length keel and attached rudder.
This yachts are heavy, strong and seaworthy, the direct opposite of modern racing yachts.


2018 Golden Globe solo round the world course race starting from Falmouth UK on 14th June 2018

2018 Golden Globe solo round the world course race starting from Falmouth UK on 14th June 2018!

This race travels back to the time considered as the “golden age of solo sailing” .One person on a boat facing the tremendous powers of nature and ego. Reduced to basic equipment this adventure will be hard and pure guaranteeing the personal experience.

It is the pure challenge. Since I read the stories of Robin Know Johnston, Bernard Moitessier and other solo sailors I was dreaming about how it is to be out there for so long. The best books can only give you an idea of the reality. And I want to know, so I have to look up to the big sailors like Jessica Watson and like her work as hard as possible to get to the Start in Falmouth.

A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline!
The Golden Globe Race 2018 represents actually two goals for me.

The first will be to go all the way to the start.
The second goal is to finish the race.
Many things to organize, to finance, to learn, to plan and many other things to do and consider.
But that’s all part of the fun…


For more details on the race go to

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